Watching a Game

For the athletes biggest supporters 

Running late at work and can't make the game??

East Coast Auntie wanting to watch your niece’s big game??

Here’s how to do it…

Step 1

Download Shaka Sports App

Step 2

Create an account & choose a subscription

Step 3
Find the game you want to watch and enjoy! (:

Creating a Highlight

For re-living your biggest moments

Running back looking to share your top 10 plays with your dream college (or on TikTok).

Heres how to do it 

Step 1

See something amazing 

Step 2

Press highlight (automatically clips the last 10 seconds) 

Step 3

Caption it and share it with the world!

Subscription Options

Broadcasting a Game

For the teams biggest supporters

Earn a meaningful role from the sidelines by becoming a broadcaster. With zero cost, hassle, or special equipment, you can be the reason a rising star gets noticed.

Step 1

Switch to broadcaster mode

Step 2

Add game details

Step 3

Set on a tripod & tell your friends to tune in  

*This is available for select users only. Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a Broadcaster.